The Essence of Intestinal Fortitude

For someone who is not into competitive sports, intestial or intestinal fortitude may not hold a meaning. However, for someone who is into serious sports or has plans to join the competition, the word simply means courage and determination.  For those who simply want to change their bodies and or their lives, intestinal fortitude is key, the ability, drive and desire to push through to reach a goal.


Marathoners and the rest of the competitive players, usually, those who are playing individual sports are full of courage and determination to finish the game, with the aim to stand on the number podium or just to finish the game.  For those of us who are not in competition with anybody else, for those who compete against themselves to look better, feel better and have a better quality of life intestinal fortitude is the driving force.

Never Quit

How to foster courage and determination begins by believing in one’s self.  The characteristic of a winner, according to Forbes’s website is that, winners never quit. Successful people never stop trying, they have a specific goal to accomplish in order to win after several failures, and eventually they will win.

They push themselves despite what others have to say

There is no overnight success for every struggling athlete or non- athlete. The reward comes after the hardships they have endured. The training, and the desire to compete and or win, is the price of the ticket, but true champions see these obstacles as the opportunity to improve and to train harder. The push makes them stronger and a better person at the end of the day.  You can’t make someone stronger, by making them weak, you make them stronger through struggle.

Iron-Will to Win

Athletes, like the runners and other players, possess a positive attitude. To have a positive mind already helps one to be winner. Positive thinking does not only have a good effect on the player, but it radiates to its environment as well. Aiming to win with this kind of attitude is more likely to translate into an actual win, if not the next step is to go back to the previous trait, which is never to quit.

They are not Egoistic

Athletes are already winners in their own capacity, and they do not brag about it, instead the grounded with their goal, which is to win the next competition or break their own record. Their laser-focus minds, according to Forbes, define their essence as a winner in their respective spaces.

They Inspire Others

Courageous and determined athletes are not only thinking about themselves, but also how they can influence others to make a difference in their field. Legends in the track and field, tennis, swimming and the other sports became mentors to budding athletes, making them feel complete and satisfied with their achievements.

Athletes know the true meaning of being courageous and determined during the early days of their training. Moreover, they will continue to hold on to their stand, for as long as they live.

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