Are fish, fruits vegetables and extra virgin olive oil keys to living long?

Eating fish is good for the brain and the heart and it is no surprise that fish consumption leads to a longer life. Omega-3 supplements have been credited with protecting our hearts and reducing the risk of heart failure, strokes, and heart attacks. Many researchers are exploring the reasoning that fish and fish oil benefits in the human heart can result in a longer life span. Reports from the Annals of Internal Medicine indicate that those who has higher levels of healthy fatty acids that are found in fish oils had a 35% reduced risk of dying if heart diseases in comparison to those who have lower fat levels. However, although many have noted the benefits to the heart from omega-3, researchers still have little to say regarding the influence of omega-3 and other fish oils on longevity. The results however, highlight how important omega-3 fatty acids can be to the body. An encouraging note is that the greatest benefit from omega-3 fatty acid consumption is evident among people who started out eating few fish and then increased their intake to a minimum of 400 mg daily. This is equal to about two servings per week. Fish may not increase long life per se, but it has been seen to reduce risk of death from certain conditions.

Oily vegetable and food

According to health survey for England, seven is the magic number. Seven is the number of fruits and vegetable servings that you should eat in one day, if you want to live longer. Again, this is simply because eating these fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of dying from cancer, heart disease or other health causes. Eating fruits and vegetables is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. A study from the University of London found that there is a link between vegetable and fruit consumption with a decrease in mortality rate from all health related causes, especially from cancer and heart disease. It is worth noting that the study found that there is no health benefit from taking fresh juice or canned fruit, which increases the risk of death. The lessons from these studies are that vegetables are good for health and in hoping for a long life, with fruits offering similar benefit that increase the risk of death.

The myth goes on that extra virgin olive oil increases longevity. The reasons for making this assumption are that it lowers bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. Studies have been taken to show this. However, worth noting is that the volunteers in the study had to stop consuming other fattening oils that are not virgin and opt for the healthier option. This is what resulted in their reduced risk from death from cardiovascular conditions. Extra virgin olive oil is indeed the healthier oil when compared to other oil, but there is no direct relationship between extra virgin oil consumption with length of life. The relationship exists between extra virgin olive oil and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, meaning that people should opt for this healthier option.

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