How to live low G.I. in a high G.I. world (Glycemic) Is microbiome the key?

Research results from the Nutritional IQ Survey explains that there is an increasing high nutritional literacy among a great number of the population today. Nevertheless, while eight out of ten respondents in the survey are aware of the energy sustenance beneficial results of eating low GI foods, only about half are aware that many of these foods reduce the glucose spikes, which is an interesting knowledge gap. This is because the glycemic index original use is to aid in the treatment of diabetics and helping them to manage their levels of blood glucose levels. As such, not every low-GI meal means that one will have a guarantee of increased nutritional value. For instance, chocolate is one of the foods with a low GI, yet it is hardly a good choice for a nutritionally healthy choice. A better solution is for people to look for foods, which are multi skill across our nutritional spectrum. People should have a high nutritional IQ to accompany their shopping of low GI foods if they are to have a healthier body and soul. Perhaps this is where the microbiome becomes the key.

health and fitness blof by nathaniel wilkins

In a world characterized by multiple fast foods and newer and sweeter treats being developed, it is hard to eat in a healthy and intelligent way. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to maintain a low glycemic index with many resolving to glycemic index microbiome modulators. More and more people see the microbiome as the only solution to maintaining a healthy diet. Its functioning is by improving the body’s glucose tolerance, which is the body’s response to carbohydrate consumption when the treatment is used for four weeks without having to change the diet. This GI microbiome modulator which is a mix of all the associated chemical and physical factors in the digestive system, plays a vital role in regulation od the body’s metabolism according to some researchers. For people who are not facing metabolic illnesses such as diabetes, this may be a good solution for them to watch their health without changing their diet. In such instances, the GI microbiome may be the key to a healthier lifestyle. This microbiome is the solution for people with pre-diabetes condition.

According to the chief scientific officer of the Microbiome Therapeutics, Mark Heiman, PHD much of the western diets are the reason for the developing of type 2 diabetes. This, he continues, is in part the fact that they change the habitat of the microorganisms residing in the gut. This results in a shift in the microbial populations living there in a way that the metabolic health is affected. Microbiome is designed to cause a shift in GI bacteria and other micro organisms (microbiota) as well as their environment in a specific way, which achieves an improved health outcome. Microbiome also decreases the desire to eat which is very high with unhealthy diets glaring in our eyesight everywhere we turn. The GI microbe seems like the only solution with a key to revolutionize how people live as well as the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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